How Does It Work

What is mobile tagging and how does it work?

  • Mobile Tagging is the next evolution of machine readable codes, where branding and design can be incorporated directly into the barcode itself.
  • Breakthrough technology that creates live links to online information via subtle placement of an Interactive 2D Barcode Reader developed by Microsoft.
  • Whatever the scenario, when a Tag and a bit of creativity are added to the mix, GREAT results happen.
  • Each High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) tag consists of a 5×10 grid of triangles, each of which can be in one of four colors.  This allows a tag to hold 13 bytes of data, more than enough to store long URL’s or a phone number.
  • The advanced computer barcode imaging employs different symbol shapes in geometric patterns and multiple colors to provide more information in less space.
  • After the consumer downloads the Microsoft Tag application and then snaps a picture of a Tag, the application performs an action, such as opening a Web browser and taking the consumer to a URL or dialing a phone number. Consumers can then receive multimedia information, discount coupons, purchase options—virtually any consumer marketing or sales activity.
  • Tags can be as small as the size of a dime  and used nearly anywhere in an ad or other marketing material.  Through the use of color they can include a company logo and be fit into posters, billboards, brochures, display ads, point-of-purchase displays, catalogs, and more.