Consider Tagging

Why should I consider “tagging” my print promotions?

Engage:  Simple, intuitive, and interactive.  A mobile tag enables immediate response and deeper engagement from your customers, providing a unique vehicle to influence in-the-moment behavior, drive deeper engagement with your brand, and turn interest into action.

Availability:  Consumers are more mobile today than ever before.  This technology presents an easy way to extend the traditional marketing relationship to the mobile environment.

Agile: Mobile tag’s use a dynamic technology that lets businesses change campaigns at any time, enabling companies to react and evolve in real-time so they deliver the most powerful outcomes.

Speed:  Tag’s offer a small, fast-connecting physical hyperlink that bridges the physical and the digital in a snap helping your marketing materials make a bigger impact on your business.

Possibilities:  Depending on how the Tag is configured, snapping the Tag can either cause a Web page to load, a video to play, a document to download or a call to a number to be placed.

Versatile:  Link print advertisements, media, signage, packaging, or displays into online interactive campaigns that are measureable in real time just like online click-through data.

Influence:  Through mobile tagging you will better influence the “in the moment” purchase decision, enhance loyalty, and monitor the success of your campaigns through improved analytics that confirm the quality of your marketing spend

Report & Measure:  With built-in tracking, metrics and analysis tools, you have access to data that can help you make effective decisions about the effectiveness of your marketing expenditures.  It is now easy to tell how many people are noticing your tag. You can access detailed reports of exactly how many times your Tag was scanned and use the data to update your campaign.