Mobile Tagging

Enable your customers to interact with your business in new ways by linking your online presence with their physical consideration of your promotion.

Microsoft Tag lets you seamlessly connect almost anything in the real world to interactive experiences on your mobile phone.  Design Dynamics can help you create tags that are as small as a dime for use nearly anywhere you are trying to promote your message.  

Once the free smart phone app is downloaded, your customer will be able to snap a picture of your custom Tag to instantly receive multimedia information, discount coupons, purchase options and more.  Virtually any consumer activity you can imagine, we can help you integrate so that your offline and online campaigns across web, mobile and print media seamlessly work together.

By bridging your physical promotions with your digital presence you create a bigger, more measureable impact on your business.  Through mobile tagging, consumers engage at the maximum point of impact by using the device that is central to their daily lives: the mobile phone. Mobile Tags fit easily into posters, billboards, brochures, display ads, point-of-purchase displays, catalogs, and more—the range of places where businesses can use a Tag is almost infinite.

Tagging at a Glance Critical Success Factors Pitfalls Experienced with Tags
  1. Conveniently connect consumers with online information and experiences.
  2. Microsoft Custom Tags can be integrated into the look and form of the messaging itself.
  3. All existing mobile Tag Readers are able to scan and decode these coded images.
  4. Designed to work with the limited capabilities of a typical web enabled camera phone.
  5. Tag can be as small as a dime.
  6. Handles long URLs and allows for  online content to be dynamically changed.
  7. Tags are saved for later viewing and can be easily forwarded.
  8. Even if partially damaged the tag can still be read.
  1. Content is optimized for mobile devices
    • Create standard templates to convert your web content for easier viewing on cell phone screens or
    • Direct to folders on your site with limited content
  2. Strong call to action around tag to motivate people to snap it 
    • Tell them what they will get in exchange  for acting
  3. Same tag placed in multiple mediums to improve probability of success
    • Integrated campaigns produce better results
  4. Tell them how to get the free app and how to use it as part of your campaign
  5. Incorporate the build out of a database as part of your exchange of value for acting to use in subsequent targeted promotions
  1. Not linking back to easy to read mobile content
  2. No call to action associated with the tag
  3. Failing to create an integrated print, online and mobile campaign
    • The key is to repurpose core content being used to reach consumers for use through multiple mediums
  4. Jumping right in without a pilot program to prove the concept

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