December 7th, 2011

Installation skill and technique matters

While Orange County California is home to many customer oriented graphics and sign businesses, we are not all created equal.  In selecting which of us is the best sign company for you to work with, may we suggest a big differentiator should be the installation skill and technique being employed.  When you invest money in your signage you are investing in your image with the goal that this investment will return on itself for years to come.  Even though you may have invested good money in a first class sign, a shoddy installation will ruin your investment.  Earlier today I was reminded of this as I was noticing a new multi-letter sign and corporate logo installation off of a major OC street that had the fourth letter set too high relative to the other letters.  With Design Dynamics this won’t happen to you because of the attention to detail we employ in our installation setups as seen in the following:








Do not let a well designed, but poorly installed or tired sign ruin your image, call us at 949-870-3320 to learn how we can help you stand out from your competition.

December 2nd, 2011

Saying it with permanence

Sometimes what you have to say needs to be said for years to come.  When this is the case, brass signage is a more affordable solution than you may think.  While producing a brass sign at our Irvine production facility exceeds our local capabilities it doesn’t exceed our ability to get it done for you.  In fact, our knowledge of the brass sign making process coupled with our connections allow us to do it at a lower cost than if you tried to do it yourself.  Next time you are thinking metal, think Design Dynamics.  While we may not do all the work ourselves, we can efficiently and effectively get it done for you as we did in this weeks project of the week.

November 30th, 2011

You gotta love repeat business

It’s nice when your hard work gets rewarded with follow-on work.  At Design Dynamics we pride ourselves on doing quality work at reasonable prices.  Our best measure of success that this formula to how we do business is working is when a valued customer entrusts us with another opportunity to do great work for them as is the case in this weeks project of the week.  Call us at our new number (949-870-3320) to discuss how we can do this same type of GREAT graphics work for you.

November 3rd, 2011

Come see us in our new building

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we announce our move to a larger building at 1641 Kaiser Avenue in Irvine to improve our ability to serve our valued customers.  It is because of your business over the years that we have been blessed with this opportunity to double our Orange County footprint.  While many businesses are having to downsize because of this difficult economy, our repeat customers have positioned us to expand our ability to deliver high quality graphics and signage that identifies, informs and influences.  Besides having a building twice the size to manufacture innovative wide-format digital graphics and signage, what makes our move great for you is we have acquired new equipment for more efficient graphics production.  This will help us preserve our quality while positioning us to produce at lower costs.  We invite you to come by our new building to check out our expanded capabilities.

October 17th, 2011

Sometimes overhead visuals are just what the Doctor ordered

Overhead lighting is often overlooked as a critical form for visual presentation. Everyday, we are bombarded by images trying to persuade us to buy.  Yet sometimes a pleasant image is just what we need to lam our minds. Consider this weeks project of the week.Your laying on an MRI table getting a scan.  Your uncomfortable, anxious about what might be found and you have to lay there perfectly still.  Sure you can close your eyes, but which of the following would you prefer to look at as you are laying their waiting for a high priced piece of diagnostic equipment do its work.  At Design Dynamics, we want to help you  create  the right environment for your VIPs. Placing well designed graphics in place of plain lighting covers can make a huge difference in the quality of experience your customers have with you and your environment.  Call us at 714-429-7980 to learn how we can help you.

September 3rd, 2011

Helping our customers say it BIG

When driving traffic to your business is key to the success of your business you need to leverage every asset at your disposal to help your business get noticed.  This weeks project of the week does just that.  It is an auto dealership on a busy southern California  freeway cladded with aluminum composite panels that make a perfect surface for an eye catching building mural.  Sure you could put up a large banner, yet when you have surface materials on your building that are easy to work with our recommendation is you consider using a less common printed material to take advantage of the premium surface readily available for promoting your great offers.  Trust us this type of promotion is a lot easier than you think and we would love to help you say it BIG on your building.  Call us to discover how we can help your business identify, inform and influence in more innovative ways than through your basic banner.


September 3rd, 2011

Deminisional signs add a touch of class

In this weeks project of the week we want to remind our customers that we can help you put your logo into a dimensional view that will cause the walls of your business to pop.  Put another way, you are not limited to letters when you want to add a dimensional element to how you identify your business.  Your logo is important to your identity and we want to help you make it stand out and get noticed.  Call 800-94DESIGN and ask for Bob who is one the best installers throughout Orange County of dimensional lettering and signage.


August 26th, 2011

Yes, we do GREAT posters!

One of the challenges we face as one of Orange Counties most experienced graphics and signage companies is that we have the capacity and capability to do a wide variety of different types of work.  While this helps our customers simplify their sourcing decisions by knowing they can come to us for their hard-to-find needs the unintended consequence is that we get forgotten as a viable source for their more basic needs.  Takes posters for example, we have lots of competitors throughout Orange County who can digitally produce 1 to 50 posters, but few can do it as cost effectively as we can because of the breadth of our printing capability and our investment in finishing technology.  Next time you need a handful of posters, ask your supplier how they are going to cut them down.  Odds are high that they will do it by hand.  If you ask us how we do it, you would learn that we have automated cutting technology that cuts our digital posters to size so that we can not only turn them around faster, we can do it with significantly less labor as is in the following sample.  This helps our customers produce an informative graphic without incurring a lot of cost in getting it done.  Call 800-94DESIGN to learn how we can help you.

August 26th, 2011

When your needs are uniquely yours

One of the capabilities I appreciate about our company is our ability to provide highly customized solutions to our customers very unique needs.  In this “project of the week,” we helped a design firm produce a custom backlit sign for their customer that would help identify their firm and set apart their new offices from their neighbors.  Because of the sign size and location we needed to create a custom box from scratch including a simple graphic design that when lit up resulted in a very polished sign.  When your needs are uniquely yours, call 800-94DESIGN to explore how we can help you find the best solution.

August 5th, 2011

Improving on your GREAT ideas

A valued customer approached us with a request for help relative to creating a custom logo patch for his dive unit so that they could differentiate themselves a bit from the established Long Beach Harbor Patrol logo.  He had done a nice job of conceptualizing a unique design for his team (logo on the left) based on other logos he had seen yet he wanted a little help in not only refining the final design, but in getting the design into a usable format for different production outputs such as various sized decals for both interior and exterior use, lapel pins, and embroidered patches for uniforms and gear bags.   This is a great example of how our Art Director was able to help refine the logo per the goal of keeping it unique by simplifying some of the elements of the logo while also transforming the drawing into high resolution, scalable artwork with much greater detail and depth.  The result is a first class logo that the Port of Long Beach Harbor Patrol Commercial Dive Unit could be proud of as seen in the logo on the right.  Learn more about this great unit at then call us at 800-94DESIGN to learn how we can help improve on your great ideas.