October 29th, 2015

New NFL Coach reminds us how signage loses its impact over time

Jeff Darlingon from nfl.com captured a key observation on the effectiveness of signage overtime in his article, “Dan Campbell’s Miami Dolphins tenure marked by fervent style” published on October 28, 2015.  Jeff observed that one of the immediate changes the interim Dolphins coach made when he took over was to strip all of the walls in the team’s auditorium of the inspirational messages designed to motivate players.  Dan is quoted as follows:

“Everybody in sports sees coaches using those signs,” Campbell said. “The problem is, after a while, after two or three weeks, the same sign is still sitting there. And it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Because you’re just used to seeing it.

“The impact is gone. It’s lost.”

How does Campbell know that? Because he has sat in those meeting rooms as a player.”

Coach Campbell is right.  It only takes a few weeks for people to become blind to your signage.  This is why it is important to plan a rotation strategy for all your employee and customer facing signage.  Our number one recommendation for avoiding this problem is double-sided printing with a sign mounting system that makes sign rotation easy to do.  This doesn’t add a lot of cost to your project while giving you twice the impact.  Call us at 949-870-3320 to learn more on this and other techniques that will keep your signage from losing its impact.

If you want to read the full interview you can find it at http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000567854/article/dan-campbells-miami-dolphins-tenure-marked-by-fervent-style