October 24th, 2015

Problem: What to do with an expensive sign when you move?

COMPOSED Sign Vinyl MiniUC Monument _690x300

Problem:  you have moved to a new location yet have an expensive monument sign that you don’t want to tear down.

Solution:  resurface the sign with new graphics using cast vinyl with UV overlam

Our customer had built a new dealership a couple hundred feet up the road and was planning on using the old lot for their Pre-Owned Department.  Challenge was the manufacturer didn’t want the brand elements, particularly the vacuum formed MINI wing to be present on the old lot.

Our solution was to remove the branded sign elements which involved creating an interface to fill the hole left in the sign then overlay the monument sign panels with high performance vinyl similar to what you would use on a vehicle wrap.  This provided a clean solution that met the brand standard expectations of the manufacturer and the dealer.

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