September 12th, 2012

Mark Mikelat helps businesses sell more

Last night I attended a terrific SCORE sponsored presentation by Mark Mikelat, a business growth consultant with Building Aspirations, titled “Sell More of What You Already Sell.”  I took the time to attend this presentation because I am always looking for ways to improve on our goal at Design Dynamics to help our customers sell more through the graphics and signage we produce.

We believe that our value to our customers is in the signage solutions we provide that help identify their business to their customers and potential customers.  If people and businesses don’t know that you exist, you can’t do business with them.  We help our customers inform their customers of what they do.  If  customers don’t understand what you do, then why should they do business with you?  We also help influence. When they see value in your business offering, then they are more likely to buy from you.

What I appreciated most about Mark’s presentation is the simple reminder that people have problems to solve and wants to be met.  As businesses, we need to be clear about what people are looking for, know what it is they want, then be the solution to their pain.  His direct statement that “nobody cares about your product, they care about their pain” spoke loudly to me.   We are proud of the great graphics and signage we produce; yet, Mark’s seminar reminded me that people don’t seek out to buy signage, they buy signage for what it can do for them.

In his closing thoughts, Mark shared that his unique selling proposition is “extremely practical.”  From what I observed last night as well as from my reflections after a review of my notes, Mark is extremely practical.  Should you be interested in learning from Mark as I have, you can find his company at