February 3rd, 2012

Getting it RIGHT

Sometimes you have to go to “plan B” when your initial approach doesn’t work.  A typical hanging method involving standard sized banners is rope with well tied knots through well placed grommets.  Rope will work over 90% of the time on simple banners hung between poles.  Unfortunately for this project of the week the rope technique did not work as needed no matter how well tied it was.  The issue was two fold, first the Santa Ana winds in this area were stronger than expected placing a lot of unanticipated wind pressure on the banner which in turn stretched the banner and the rope creating unflattering gathers in what needed to be a smooth hanging banner that is intended to be a photo backdrop.   When we got the call, we went to Plan B to help our customer get the look they were planning on.  You will see how a simple investment in toggle bolts on our part corrected the problem.  The key here is the banner will still stretch through high winds, but now the customer has a simple tightening method to restore the desired look to this tool for helping their business be more successful.  Should you have concerns about how your graphics are performing whether they were done by us or someone else, give us a call and will see what we can do to improve the performance of your promotional investments.