December 7th, 2011

Installation skill and technique matters

While Orange County California is home to many customer oriented graphics and sign businesses, we are not all created equal.  In selecting which of us is the best sign company for you to work with, may we suggest a big differentiator should be the installation skill and technique being employed.  When you invest money in your signage you are investing in your image with the goal that this investment will return on itself for years to come.  Even though you may have invested good money in a first class sign, a shoddy installation will ruin your investment.  Earlier today I was reminded of this as I was noticing a new multi-letter sign and corporate logo installation off of a major OC street that had the fourth letter set too high relative to the other letters.  With Design Dynamics this won’t happen to you because of the attention to detail we employ in our installation setups as seen in the following:








Do not let a well designed, but poorly installed or tired sign ruin your image, call us at 949-870-3320 to learn how we can help you stand out from your competition.