August 26th, 2011

Yes, we do GREAT posters!

One of the challenges we face as one of Orange Counties most experienced graphics and signage companies is that we have the capacity and capability to do a wide variety of different types of work.  While this helps our customers simplify their sourcing decisions by knowing they can come to us for their hard-to-find needs the unintended consequence is that we get forgotten as a viable source for their more basic needs.  Takes posters for example, we have lots of competitors throughout Orange County who can digitally produce 1 to 50 posters, but few can do it as cost effectively as we can because of the breadth of our printing capability and our investment in finishing technology.  Next time you need a handful of posters, ask your supplier how they are going to cut them down.  Odds are high that they will do it by hand.  If you ask us how we do it, you would learn that we have automated cutting technology that cuts our digital posters to size so that we can not only turn them around faster, we can do it with significantly less labor as is in the following sample.  This helps our customers produce an informative graphic without incurring a lot of cost in getting it done.  Call 800-94DESIGN to learn how we can help you.