June 21st, 2011

Using bold graphics to capture attention

Today, the Food and Drug Administration unveiled startling graphics with image relevant messaging (click here to see the New Cig Graphics) under the mandate that they must cover half of the front and half of the back of every cigarette pack sold in this country by September 2012.  While some of the images are quite shocking their intent reinforces what we call the three “I’s” at Design Dynamics.  Each image is intended to identify, inform, and influence on the harmful effects of smoking in a planned effort to cut the smoking rate among Americans in half by 2020..

Besides having the graphics with relevant messaging take a prominent position on the packaging, the other smart thing they are doing here is rotating simultaneously these images among all cigarette brands as part of their campaign.  This is smart because graphics, messaging, and signage becomes tired over prolonged exposure.  Consider how for decades, cigarette packs have carried a health warning from the U.S. surgeon general yet people continue to ignore this precisely worded warning as they risk their health to cigarettes.  Critics call it a relatively unobtrusive message that has long out lived its effectiveness.  Our position at Design Dynamics is that when a promotion or a message has outlived its effectiveness it is time to change and that is exactly the type of work we like to do for our clients.  Call us at 714-429-7980 to learn how we can help you identify, inform, and influence people through your graphics and signage.

We aplaude our Federal Government for bringing forward more persuasive labeling that can help people avoid and/or quit smoking.  While the images maybe troubling to some, the pictures and strong warnings will be impossible not to see.   As . Dr. Lawrence Deyton, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said in an interview. “If people are shocked, they should be shocked because these are the true health effects of smoking,”