May 25th, 2011

Effective Signage Saves Money

Recently while driving on a neighboring freeway, I took a rock to my windshield from a passing gravel truck.  Didn’t think anything more about until the next day when I took my vehicle into our local car wash.  To my surprise the windshield had cracked after being washed.  When I pressed the owner about the damage to my vehicle he calmly walked me over to a sign hanging over the vacuuming area that clearly states that they are not liable for “cracked windshields due to chipping.”  At that moment all of my arguments for reimbursement went out the door.  He had a sign that clearly stated what he wasn’t liable for and as a result I got to pay $280 for a new windshield.  Effective signage not only saves you money it saves you aggravation.  Call us at 714-429-7980 to learn how we can help you position the right signage at your business that identifies, informs, and influences.