April 8th, 2011

Turning clear glass into branded imagery

At Design Dynamics, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients select the right system components that best fit their needs. We have worked hard over the years in defining our different graphic solutions along the spectrum of GOOD/BETTER/BEST. By adopting this approach, we have taken a lot of confusion out of the overwhelming array of choices. This weeks project of the week though reflects one graphic product,we do a lot of work with that we don’t offer a GOOD or BETTER option, we only go with the BEST every time because of the significantly superior quality found in this product. It is the glass etch supplied by 3M (7725324 and 7725314). While this is great technology the key to working with this product is still found in the skill of the installer. At Design Dynamics we have one of the best glass etch installers in Orange County. Call us at 800-94DESIGN to learn how we can help you artistically brand your interior glass.