March 18th, 2011

Banner Permits Required

As we continue to work our way out of the Great Recession one of the harder hit areas of our society is our small cities.  To help avert their own financial crisis they are expanding the use of permits as a mechanism for collecting fees.  For example, the city of Costa Mesa where our company is headquartered has just announced that you must have a banner permit for the display of promotional and celebration banners.  The good news of this requirement is it limits the amount of time you are allowed to display your banner.  Too often business owners leave their banner up for too long undermining the effectiveness of their promotion.   When your banner is up for months the newness is gone to us locals and your promotion blends into the background.  Changing out your banner helps stimulate another look at your place of business.  If you take care when rolling up the banner you have had on display it is easy to bring it back out for more uses.  Regular rotatation of your promotional banners allows you to “say it big” without wearing out the intended imagery impact.

The bad news associated with banner permits is the added time one must take to acquire and pay for the banner permit.  If you want to see how our fair city is handling this go to to learn more or you can call us at 714-429-7980 to see how we can help you made the most of a cost effective banner promotion.